Susan McCarthy, Art Teacher
My name is Sue McCarthy.  I have been employed at St. Hubert Catholic School for 14 years teaching art class to students in Preschool through Junior High.  

I love to teach art because of the limitless possibilities art offers to reach the young minds in our school.  When experiencing the arts, students practice higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, decision making, and the investigation of new concepts and materials.  Art offers the freedom to explore without judgment and often without rules allowing students to develop the understanding that personal success is ultimately the individual’s responsibility.  It is my goal to help the students that I teach achieve their highest potential.

  Shannon McGreal, Computer Teacher

  Ida Capone, Special Services Cordinator
My name is Ida Capone, I am currently the Special Services Coordinator at St. Hubert School.  I have a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership: School Leadership as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education K-9 and Special Education K-12 from Northeastern Illinois University.  I am a Certified Catechist in the Archdiocese of Chicago.   I have 4 years of Special Education experience in the Waukegan Public Schools as well as 16 years of experience as a 2nd grade teacher with St. Hubert Catholic School.   My professional awards include the Catechetical Ministries Recognition Award St. Hubert Parish Recipient (2000), the Golden Apple Teacher Award Nominee (2002), the Archdiocese of Chicago Heart of School Award nominee (2009 and 2013). I am also a member of the ASCD.   As an educator, it is my belief that all people can learn and should be life-long learners.  We learn from books, from our daily experiences, and from one another.  If we are open to God and to all He has in store for us, we grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  With God, All Things Are Possible!
   Kristy Viverito, Special Services Support
  Maryellen Campion, Music Teacher
My name is Maryellen Campion, and I am the Music teacher at St. Hubert Catholic School for Preschool through 8th grades.  I received my Bachelor of Arts from Mundelein College and Master of Arts from Concordia University in River Forest, IL.  I have had the pleasure of teaching music to students for 25+ years.

I was the 2007 Archdiocese of Chicago Heart of the School Award Nominee, and I have memberships with NAFMA and IMEA.  

My philosophy as an educator is that the study of music and the arts can lead children to a deeper understanding of all that is important to us as human beings and a greater understanding of our faith in God.

  Richard N. Case, Band Director
My name is Rich Case, and I am the school Band Director.  I am a graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.  I am certified by the State of Illinois to teach music in schools from grades K thru 12.  Forty-seven years ago, I decided to teach Elementary Band in the Catholic school system and now teach at two schools in the Northwest suburbs. 

I have been teaching at St. Hubert Catholic School for many years.  My first group was about 50 students.  The band has been as big as 185 members, and currently the number is approximately 105.
  Denise Herrmann, Physical Education
My name is Denise Hermann, and I am the Physical Education teacher at St. Hubert Catholic School.  I am an Alumna and Church parishioner.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Michigan State University. 

I have been teaching students for over 20 years with the belief that children need to have a safe environment to learn and try different ways of exercise to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I am currently a member of the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

  Juan Pedro Alvarez Rodriguez, Spanish Teacher
My name is Juan Pedro Álvarez Rodríguez, and I am the Spanish teacher for Junior High and 5th grade.  I completed my university studies in Madrid, Spain at Polytechnic University in Computer Science. In the United States, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Northeastern Illinois University.

This is my second teaching year at St. Hubert School. I found my vocation as a Spanish teacher when I moved to the US five years ago while I was attending to ESL classes at Truman College, and I have been continuously teaching to adults at Oakton Community College since 2013. I can say without hesitation that teaching my own language is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

In the learning process, students are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are a natural part of the process of learning, and I encourage my students to learn from them rather than feeling ashamed of them. Learning a second language takes time, practice, energy, commitment and a positive outlook. I will help students to not get frustrated in this process.

My personal style of teaching brings a smile, the inherent enthusiasm of Spain’s people, and the current technology into the classroom to increase learning motivation. My commitment is to create an interactive atmosphere that engages the students in the learning process in our Spanish classroom. Since I am still very much in the first steps of my teaching journey, I know my learning philosophy will grow, evolve and mature as I gain knowledge and experience. As one who loves learning, I look forward to continuing the journey!