Leadership Messages   

While serving as Principal of St. Hubert Catholic School, I have met so many wonderful parents who, as stakeholders, share a passion for Catholic education and invest so much of their time, talent and treasure to the success of our school. I witness this passion and commitment daily as our parents and faculty work together to provide the best education possible to the students we serve.

Research clearly indicates that school leadership plays a key role in the success of any school. Teacher quality and the student-teacher relationship are two key ingredients that contribute to student success. The path that leads to success in schools begins with principals who can shape all students academically based upon high standards, create a school climate that fosters learning, and provide ongoing professional development for the staff. It is important for school leadership to effectively manage people and data in a manner that allows for continued growth and school improvement. I believe it is my responsibility to develop a “professional community” of lifelong learners who guide each other in an ongoing effort for improving instruction, fostering positive student-teacher relationships and continued academic success. My vision for the school is to model this belief which ultimately creates an atmosphere of success for everyone, especially the students.

I thank you for visiting our website; if you need additional information, please free to contact us. If you are thinking of registering your child, we welcome you to be part of our family as we Foster Faith, Impart Knowledge and Develop Community.

Vito DeFrisco, Principal


The cornerstone of my leadership philosophy fosters a commitment to ongoing school improvement resulting from continuous professional development for our St. Hubert staff. Learning—for both teachers and students—requires exposure to new texts, methods, and technologies. In order to nurture such experimentation, I seek to provide an atmosphere that welcomes inquisitive investigation for all. Our teachers are invited to research cutting edge curriculum tools that directly result in academic student success. We value an ethic of experimentation and risk to improve instructional practices. I encourage our staff to seek support and professionally collaborate through healthy exchange of teaching ideas, so we can deliver high quality instruction to our students.

As a life learner, I embrace the need for self-reflection. I encourage the staff to view themselves as professionals willing to reflect upon achievements and failures in order to revise and implement new solutions. No one teacher is responsible for the success or the failure of a student; thus, I promote a network of resources among administration, teachers, and professional development. Student success is not an individual effort but rather a school wide effort that upholds accountability for learning. My vision for the school involves creating and sustaining the highest standards for teachers and students that then trickles down to positive learning outcomes for our children.

Marcia Larson, Assistant Principal