Terra Nova   
Terra Nova  

The Terra Nova 3rd Edition Multiple Assessment (Terra Nova) is a battery of norm referenced tests used by the Archdiocese and its schools to recognize current student performance and to inform student achievement and school improvement goals.  St. Hubert Catholic School specifically uses Terra Nova to gauge student mastery of skills, to identify areas that need improvement, and to evaluate the development of content and skills within its curriculum.  The content areas tested include: 

  • Reading, Language, and Math:  individual scores are totaled into a composite score
  • Science and Social Studies:  individual scores are given  

Terra Nova is administered to St. Hubert Catholic School students in grades three through seven.  The assessment becomes more complex and rigorous as students advance through each grade.  

March 2015 Results  

For the March 2015 assessment, St. Hubert Catholic School Students achieved National Percentile scores at or above 75% in every content area at every grade level as show in the following table.  National Percentile scores above 65% are considered in the above average range.

 Grade Reading Language Math Total Science  Social Study
Gr 3 79 80 75 81 80 83
Gr 4 83 69 77 78 75 82
Gr 5 78 80 81 83 77 79
Gr 6 85 87 80 87 77 86
Gr 7 88 92 88 92 80 88

National Percentile scores show how each grade level average score compares to other grade levels nationwide.  For example, a percentile of 77 means this grade did as well or better than 77% of the students at that grade level in the country who took the test.

The following chart compares St. Hubert Catholic School's National Percentile scores relative to the National Mean NCE National Percentile and the Archdiocese of Chicago Mean NCE National Percentile.

Several school improvement initiatives have contributed to this success.  These improvements include:
  • Ongoing staff development to align classroom instructional practices with the Common Core State Standards.
  • Faculty book study: "The Core Six Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core" by H. Silver, R.T. Dewing and J. Perini.
  • AdvancEd School Improvement Team Site Visit - April 2015.
  • Learning community and co-curricular instructional unit approach.
  • Differentiated instruction and flexible groupings to meet learner needs.
  • School improvement focus for 2015-2016 school year: professional development in best practices in Math and STEM education.

Our 2015 Terra Nova test scores reflect the collaborative community efforts of faculty, students, and parents.  These outstanding results should be celebrated by our entire school community and reflect St. Hubert School's 2014 Blue Ribbon recognition by the U.S. Department of Education.

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