SUMMER OFFICE HOURS are as follows: 
August 7th-August 17th - Monday-Friday 8:30AM-2:30PM

Friday, August 18th
Information Day 8AM-11AM

Saturday, August 19th

Back to School Picnic See Back-to-School Picnic Save the Date

Wednesday, August 23rd
All School Picture Day

Saturday, September 16th
Track-A-Thon Following 4:30PM Mass - 9PM

Dear IKC Supporter, 

The IKC has learned that the budget impasse may be nearing an end. When the Illinois budget comes together, IKC needs your help to push our state government to support a tax credit scholarship program. This tax credit scholarship policy will help make our school more affordable for working parents and their children and with this program, we keep our same high quality of admission and academic standards. It is essential that you reach out to the legislative leaders and your legislators to let them know how important IKC is to you. In the next few hours, Illinois' leaders will be making final decisions about a budget and we need your help to make sure these scholarships are included. Here is what you can do: Visit www.openstates.orgFind your local legislatorCall or email them to ask them to: INCLUDE THE ILLINOIS KIDS CAMPAIGN'S PRIVATE TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIP IN THE FINAL BUDGETMAKE SURE IT INCREASES BY 25% ANNUALLY WHEN IT REACHES THE CAP

Please act now.