Family & School Association   

                                                         Saint Hubert Family and School Association (FSA)
The Saint Hubert Family and School Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving Saint Hubert Catholic School and staff, its students, and its families.  All of our activities are aimed at building school spirit and pride.  Here are a few of the many things we do to meet these objectives:

 For Staff  For Students  For Parents
  • Funding to improve classrooms
  • Luncheons to celebrate school year milestones
  • Hot Dog Week and Raffle
  • Santa Sale
  • Assemblies
  • Social activities and outings to meet other parents  and families
  • Speakers at the FSA General Meetings

Over the years, FSA has donated funds to enrich Saint Hubert Catholic School.  With these funds, the school has been able to purchase new stage curtains, electronic scoreboards for the multipurpose room, classroom desks, and computer technology upgrades. The funds have also helped to purchase air conditioning for the classrooms and new tables and blinds for the lunchroom.

FSA provides several opportunities for families to help support the student, staff, and parent activities.  The purchase of Cookie Dough, Lou Malnati's Pizza, and Holiday Butter Braids are various means to assist the organization.

FSA extends its appreciation to the families who support and participate in its events.  Without your assistance, FSA would not be able to provide activities and services to the students, staff, and school community. 

 FSA Officers 


Contact Information
Marian Sand             
Holly Roach
Lea De Los Santos                             
Christine Gucwa       


FSA offers many opportunities to volunteer and be involved with your children and the school community.  Following is a list of committees looking for volunteers.  Please contact an FSA Board Member if you are interested.

8th Grade Appreciation & Graduation Reception
Catholic Schools Week                                         
Family Fun Night 
Halloween Walk    
Hot Dog Day    
Parent Fun Night                     
Room Parent Volunteers
Santa Sale

Upcoming Events 
McDonald's Food Day -- Friday April 27th


Open Committee Head Positions:
8th Grade Celebration
Halloween Walk
Parent Fun Night

FSA Open Positions

Fundraiser chairperson for 2018/2019. Will need to shadow now
Halloween chairperson for 2018/2019. Will need to shadow now.

FSA Calendar 2017-2018

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