Academics at St. Hubert Catholic School are designed to provide the greatest opportunity for each student to reach their fullest potential.

Providing high quality instruction through excellent academic, religious and extra-curricular programs is an integral part of the mission of St. Hubert Catholic School. 

St. Hubert Catholic School enables parents to actively follow the progress of their child at each grade level.  We have clear guidelines on how are curriculum is planned and delivered, learning takes place and is assessed, and progress is reported.

Our teachers are committed in preparing your child for high school and beyond.

As part of this commitment, our school uses a universal screening tool called DIBELS to assess reading and math skills.  DIBELS stands for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills. Three benchmark assessments are given to most students in grades Kindergarten through six during the school year.  The math benchmark is an online assessment, and the reading is administered by classroom teachers.  DIBELS is not used to grade the student. The results help us identify children who may need extra help in reading or math.  DIBELS results also help us make decisions about the success of our overall reading and math program at St. Hubert Catholic School.  

Please review our performance for the Terra Nova and EXPLORE® standardized tests, as they will attest to our programs and teaching methods. 

St. Hubert Catholic School students achieve impressive scores each year on the Terra Nova.