Parent Commitment   

The religious education of children is primarily a parental responsibility, one that you have chosen to share with us. Together we will be successful in the Faith development of the child when the sound doctrine and Christian values learned in school reinforce those beliefs and values instilled in the home.

We expect parents to participate actively in the faith life of their family. The children are taught that regular participation in liturgy is essential to their lives as Catholic Christians. Parents, then, are expected to share Eucharistic celebration every weekend with their children at St. Hubert Church. The children are taught that daily prayer is an important part of their faith life; they need to see their parents as prayerful persons and join them in family prayer.

Parish Sacramental Programs are designed to support parents as they fulfill their responsibility for their children's sacramental preparation. St. Hubert Catholic School teachers reinforce in the classroom the preparation that takes place in the home for the parish celebration of First Eucharist and Reconciliation.