Philosophy of Education   

St. Hubert Catholic School’s philosophy of education is to develop the whole child through the involvement of Church, parents and the school. We recognize the parent/guardian as the primary educator of the child and work together to instill within our students a deep commitment to God, the Church, and our community, through the teachings of the Gospel values and traditions.

Realizing that each child is unique, our goal is to help every child succeed and grow in an atmosphere of Catholic love and understanding. Academic excellence is a significant part of this goal.

We hope to foster a climate within our school which will enable our students to develop the abilities to think independently and to make decisions based on the teachings of Jesus.

St. Hubert Catholic School is an integral part of St. Hubert Parish. Through all of our liturgies and religious experiences, we hope to encourage within our students a personal relationship with God. We involve students in liturgies, prayer, faith experiences and social outreach programs, so they can develop into faith filled, active participants in the Church and world community.