The art program encourages students to explore and implement ideas and imagination through various media. Art is taught in preschool through eighth grade.

The use of technology is directed and integrated into the curriculum under the guidance of the homeroom teacher or specific subject area teacher. Students have scheduled instructional time in the Computer Lab with the classroom teacher.

Computer classes in grades five and six build upon the students basic computer literacy skills. These skills include basic keyboard recognition, an introduction to word processing and presentation skills.

Computer classes for the junior high students enhance the use of keyboarding and word processing skills to create documents and research papers. At this level, the student also begins to incorporate Excel, PowerPoint, and internet research into the daily curriculum.

Library / Media Center
St. Hubert Library offers students a variety of non-fiction, fiction, and biographical material, as well as, a collection of easy readers and picture books. The librarian and a core of volunteers staff the library. Primary grade students are introduced to basic library skills. These skills include parts of a book, how to use the library, library catalog, and basic research skills. Students are also introduced to a variety of literary genres. Through listening to a story, the students are challenged to draw conclusions about characters, events, setting and purpose. Library class for the fourth grade student builds on the skills learned in the primary grades. All students are encouraged to check out library books for a 7-day period. A book may be renewed for a week with the permission of the library staff. Reference books, such as dictionaries, atlases, almanacs and/or encyclopedias are not available for check out but are available for student use during the school day. Books are not checked out over Christmas and spring break.

The music education program at St. Hubert Catholic School includes instruction in kindergarten through eighth grade. Music study in grades K-3 focuses on developing the singing voice, learning to move with music, creating basic rhythmic patterns, using classroom instruments and relating music to the world around us. Music study in grades 4-5 broadens all of the skills acquired in the primary grades. At this level, the music curriculum expands musical knowledge by relating to major composers and historical periods that lead to a greater development of musical literacy. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participate in art and music. It involves using the skills previously acquired and studies the relationships between music cultures, history and art.

The St. Hubert band program provides an opportunity for students to develop an understanding and appreciation for music as an art through listening, analysis, and performance. This program instills in students an awareness of their own musical talent. A student receives instruction in an instrument of choice and participates in either the beginning, intermediate or concert levels of band. Students in the band programs participate in various musical activities throughout the year. This program is open to all students in grades four through eight. There is an additional fee for this program, and it is paid to the band director.

A school chorus is available to students in grades five through eight.

Physical Education
Physical Education classes are an integral part of the curriculum at St. Hubert Catholic School. Classes are scheduled for each grade level on a weekly basis. The curriculum follows the Archdiocesan guidelines for health and physical fitness. Skill tests are given throughout the year. Students must be dressed in the St. Hubert gym uniform and gym shoes for all gym classes. For safety, slip-on gym shoes are not allowed. On special non-uniform school days, gym shoes are the only requirement. A written request from a physician is required for a student to be excused from physical education class.


Spanish is taught as part of the curriculum to students fifth through eighth. In fifth grade, students learn by the Audio Lingual method. This prepares them for a formal study of Spanish in grades six, seventh and eighth.