Intermediate Unit   

The Intermediate Unit, grades four and five, develops students in many areas: personality, character, faith, responsibility, and friendship. Family life begins to share the spotlight with outside interests and friends. Keeping up with this growth and finding a balance are a challenge shared by both parents and teachers. The intermediate grades attempt to help the students find that balance.

Education in the Catholic faith is a priority. Religion is taught daily. Spiritual growth and the continuing development of Christian values are also an integral part of every school day. The curriculum includes the academic subjects of reading, math, English, science, social studies, and spelling. Computer technology is integrated into areas of the curriculum where it enhances the educational program.  Students in grade four have classes in library, physical education, computers, art and music. Students in grade five have classes in physical education, art, music, computer and Spanish. There is an emphasis on developing and using good writing skills in all subjects.

Grade five is departmentalized.  The students are offered a variety of opportunities for growth. Training as an altar server begins in fifth grade. Students in grades four and five may participate in the band program. Participation on school sports teams begins in the fifth grade with instructional emphasis and progresses to inter-league competition. These are exciting years filled with many opportunities.