Primary Unit   

The Primary Unit strives to meet and develop the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs of each child in a positive and caring environment.

The Primary Unit consists of first, second, and third grade students. Emphasis at this level is placed on the areas of religion, language arts, and math, as well as social studies, science, computer, physical education, music, flutophones, art and library skills.

The Religion curriculum focuses on our relationship with God and others, elements of the Mass, and the Church as a community. The sacraments are discussed at each grade level with emphasis on Eucharist and Reconciliation in second grade. The children participate in service projects and liturgical events.

Language Arts encompasses reading and phonics, grammar, spelling and writing skills. Students are challenged to work to their highest potential with consideration given to individual needs and learning styles.

Mathematics in the primary grades concentrates on mastery of basic facts, skills, and concepts. Fundamental skills are taught through the use of manipulatives, problem solving, and critical thinking.