Parish and School Advisory Board   
What is the Parish and School Advisory Board?

Seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the Parish and School Advisory Board is a consultative body that provides direction and advice to school administration and the Pastor regarding issues that affect the school.  It is made up of the Pastor, President and Principal, plus members who serve three-year terms.

The Advisory Board assists the Principal/Pastor by recommending policies, identifying educational needs and articulating the aspirations of the school and school community.  These goals become the basis for program objectives, policies, and action plans for the educational program. School Board Members will participate in Board Standing Committees.

Lea De Los Santos 
Samantha Spencer
Claudia Valdez
Theresa Brodnan
Chris Sand

Kathy Henry

Lovely Leynes  
Julie Chirinos Christina Badus Claudia Valdez  

Mrs. Julie Martin,

Ms. Stephanie Wizniak
Assistant Principal
Fr. Mike

Contact the Parish and School Advisory Board

Click here to contact the School Advisory Board confidentially... even anonymously.

Parish and School Advisory Board Meetings

All meetings are held on the second Thursday every other month in the School Library at 7pm, unless otherwise specified. No meetings are held in July. All School Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, except when an Executive Session is called to order.

If you have an agenda item you wish to be included, please inform the School Board at least one week prior to the monthly meeting date. Please note that only issues that fall into the scope of the School Board will be placed on the agenda.  

Standing Committees

The primary goal of the Marketing Committee is to promote St. Hubert School, enhance the school’s presence in the community, and effectively use communications internally and externally. To accomplish this, we have created a sustainable communications plan, consistent image and messaging, and ongoing communications to school committees and families. Expertise within the committee includes communication planning, execution and measurement of programs; visual design; writing/editing; public relations; printing; and technology solutions.

The Saint Hubert Alumni Committee is actively engaged in locating and reaching out to SHS Alumni that span several decades. The Committee works with alumni to create an active and vibrant Alumni Association focused on building community and creating a lasting legacy.  A dynamic and effective Association will help further the St. Hubert School mission and support “Excellence in Catholic Education” for generations to come. 

Grants and Research Committee
A catalyst for great change by gathering supportive data, the committee will research grant opportunities and prepare quality grant applications to help with academics, technology, professional and family improvements. 

How do I volunteer to help the Parish School Advisory Board?

Call the School Office at (847) 885-7702.

How do I become a Parish School Advisory Board Member?

Each year, at least one Parish and School Advisory Board member completes his/her term of office, thus creating a vacancy.

The qualifications for being a St. Hubert Parish and School Advisory Board Member are:
Be a registered member of St. Hubert Parish or parent of a child attending the school.       
Be at least 21 years of age.       
Be able to attend School Advisory Board meetings.       
Be able to serve for three years.       
Have a desire and ability to work effectively on a committee.       
Be willing to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.       
Be willing to promote school goals of service, welcome, academic, prayer and development.       
Be willing to support and participate in development activities.       
Exhibit a demonstrated competence and interest in his/her chosen field of committee involvement.

St. Hubert Parish School Advisory Board Members may not:
Be an immediate family member of a salaried employee. Immediate family includes spouse, child, parent, brother, sister. 
Those currently serving as a member of the Parish Pastoral Council or the Parish Finance Council or as a For Athletic Board Members are not eligible for Board membership.       

The registered parishioners of St. Hubert Parish as well as parents of children enrolled in the school elect school Advisory Board members. The elections take place the third weekend of May. A School Advisory Board Member holds a term of three years (up to two consecutive terms). Officers are nominated and elected by the board.
For more information on becoming a School Advisory Board member, please contact the School Office at (847) 885-7702.

School Advisory Board Reference Documents
School Advisory Board Constitution and Bylaws 2019-2020 revised

School Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
  June 2020 Minutes

  August 2020 Minutes

  September 2020 Minutes

  October 2020 Minutes

  December 2020 Minutes

  January 2021 Minutes

  March 2021 Minutes